Why is The Netherlands Considered to The Best Country of The European Union For Doing Business?

When it comes to establishing a business, one of the very first decisions is to choose the right location. The location plays a major role in the success of any business. In fact, once you have chosen the right location, it can become easier for you to move ahead. If you are a new entrepreneur or looking for expanding your current business to a newer location, what better than the Netherlands?

The Netherlands has been considered as one of the most suitable locations for starting a new business in the Netherlands as it not only offers ample opportunity but also has socio-economic stability. The people there are welcoming and always accept new business with open arms.

What makes the Netherlands so popular among businessmen?

The Netherlands is ranked as number 4 in the world by Forbes for the ‘Best Countries for Business’. It is considered as a world-class business destination with state-of-the-art infrastructure and growth opportunities. The Holland’s strategic location at the front door of Europe offers the perfect kick start to enter the European market. It offers access to 95% of Europe’s most profitable consumer markets within just 24 hours of Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

If that was not enough, you can have access to the Holland’s supportive corporate tax structure, along with highly educated multilingual workforce and extra ordinary logistics and technology infrastructure. And not to forget, it is quite easy to register company in the Netherlands provided you follow the legal obligations and paperwork. Considering these benefits, it is not surprising why multi-national businesses right from small and medium sized to the fortune 500 leaders have had the Netherlands as their gateway to Europe.

Here’s a look at some advantages of establishing business in the Netherlands:

1. Excellent infrastructure

The Netherlands is ranked number 3 as far as logistics performance is concerned. It is also home to impeccable seaports, centrally located airports, and incredible network of roads and highways. Not just that, it offers the second highest quality broadband network in Europe.

2. Business climate

It has been observed that the Netherlands has a competitive international climate and is home to 15000 foreign companies. Many people might know but as much as 50% of the Dutch GDP is derived internationally.

3. Fiscal climate

The fiscal climate of the Netherlands offers attractive features for international companies with a competitive statutory corporate income tax rate of 25% in Europe.

4. Educated and multilingual workforce

An essential factor for the success of any business is its workforce and Holland offers highly educated and productive workforce with wide array of skills and capabilities. Also, 90& of the Dutch are fluent in English which is an essential language for international business, science, and technology.

5. Creative and innovative environment

The Netherlands is also considered as home to an attractive test market, adaptive consumers and an open culture. It also happens to be the world’s most multicultural hubs for creative talent. In short, it is a great place to give life to your ideas.

6. Great quality of life

The Netherlands has been ranked as 6th in the world for the happiest place to live. Most of the Netherlands has high standard of living with a low cost of living as compared to most of the other European countries.