Starting an Import – Export Business

If you are the kind of person that enjoy travelling, meet people of other countries and been recognised internationally, been your own boss then starting your own import – export business is for you.
Just recently I discovered that not just tangible goods can be import or export also you can export or import Services in other words your knowledge which can change the way that you are focusing your professional carrier. I decided to divide this article into two parts.

Let`s start with the first part.

Tangible products exportation: One of the most important thing that you have to do is know your product, find what market requires your product and if you are competitive on it by studying your competition. Not less important in this process is to ask yourself which is the best way to send your product to your client.

The terms in which the negotiation will be developed are different if the importer imports a good quantity of goods constantly or once in a while. In the first one the importer will prefer to choose how the goods will be send because has deal whit the product and with the cargo company and he can get a better price which is not the case if he just does it once in a while in that situation the best is to see who gets the best cargo price.

To finish this part I will like to recommend been very aware of all customs regulations otherwise you will on delay which in international business have monetary consequences like contract cancellation, good damages, etc.

Second Part

Service Exportation: the service exportation is not a well know activity because governments don`t have regulations that allow them bring together information and have some statistics.

Examples of services that people export are an e-book or software that is selling on internet. In countries like the United States is becoming a big industry where people is gaining a lot of money and in which countries like India have a big opportunity.

In the recent years India has become one of the most important countries in software development as a matter of fact a lot of software development companies are outsourcing with Indian companies we can say the same thing for Pakistan who is becoming a leader in web design offering people all over the word getting a web page design without been Pakistan.

Another kind of service that is exportable is the Transfer of consumers to their country to the export country two good examples of this are when universities that are recognize for their academic programs have students from other countries and Hospitals or Doctors that are recognize for their specialization in treat certain disease.

The above mentioned bring to the export country two important things. First to develop a good educational level and motivation to innovate in that particular field, second is that these students and patients spend money while they are in the country helping the economy.

Finally the last example of services that can be exported are Temporary transfer of persons to one country to another to render a service. Telecommunications companies, engineers and doctors or anyone can export this kind of service for instance when Doctor travel two or three times per month to operate in a different country or engineer that are require to ensemble a machine or an expert in certain field that is hire for one company to help them. This brings to the export and import country benefits.

In conclusion countries should worry to develop a mechanism to help them to control and increase nor just the export of tangible products but also the export of services that develop educational system and that give good money to the economy.