What Business Owners Need to Look for In a Website Design

Business owners who want to create a website for their new business will want to make sure they get professional assistance. Today’s customers expect a lot from the websites they visit, so the business owner will want to make sure their website is up to par with what potential customers are looking for.

Fast Speeds

Statistics have recently shown that about half of everyone who browses online will give a website less than two seconds to load. If the website takes longer than that to load, these people are going to search for another website that might have what they need. Business owners need to ensure the website they design is going to load as quickly as possible to make sure as many people as possible view it.

Mobile Website

In 2009, less than one percent of website views were attributable to mobile devices. In 2017, that percentage had grown to more than 50%. More and more consumers are looking for products and services, as well as more information on just about anything, on their mobile devices. Websites that do not have a mobile version for ease of use on mobile websites will be less likely to be viewed by a person who is using a mobile device.

Lots of Varied Content

Websites should have as much information as possible for potential customers to view and should use varied types of content. This could include written articles, photographs, videos, and infographics. The more there is for a potential customer to see, the longer they’re going to be on the website. The longer they’re on the website, the more likely they are to purchase something or to contact the business for more help.

Easy to Use E-Commerce

Businesses that choose to sell products or services online will want to make sure they have an easy to use e-commerce section of their website. Customers aren’t going to go through a hassle to purchase something they need; they’ll just visit a competitor who makes it easier for them to buy something. Business owners will want to make shopping as easy as possible and ensure they take as many payment types as possible.

Business owners who want to create a new website will want to make sure they have an amazing website design. A website development professional is able to easily help them with this.