The Value of an Accident Lawyer for a Contract Worker Injured on the Job

A contractor who was injured on a construction job site may want to read Craig Swapp and Associates reviews and consider hiring this accident lawyer. Most workplace accidents are covered through the workers compensation system, providing financial help to employees who have been injured. People who work as contractors have to deal with being exceptions to this system.

Contract Workers

For instance, although construction sites are some of the more common places where injuries occur, companies do not include contracted individuals in their workers compensation insurance. This type of system may seem unethical because it doesn’t provide a safety net for workers who are not employees, even though they may put in 40 or more hours every week on the job site. This is when hiring a personal injury lawyer becomes important for making sure financial compensation is provided by the responsible party.

Attorney as Project Manager

A construction worker will understand the metaphor of a personal injury attorney as a project manager. When someone has been seriously hurt through the negligence of another person or an organization, or in an unsafe work environment, the legal complexities of the case can feel insurmountable. This person may have no idea where to begin. In the meantime, he or she is trying to concentrate on getting well in addition to dealing with the stress of unpaid bills.

Attorney With the Right Toolbox

Another apt metaphor is that the accident lawyer has the toolbox that the construction worker needs for a satisfactory resolution. The contractor understands that professional construction workers with skills, knowledge, training and experience do a better job than an amateur do-it-yourself person who happens to be handy. The same is true when a person needs legal representation. Self-representation, known as pro se, often is ineffective for getting the best results.

Removing the Burden

Trying to deal with large corporations, manufacturers of defective products, and uncooperative insurance companies is daunting for any individual, and especially for someone who is dealing with serious injuries. A trustworthy lawyer is invaluable for taking away the burden of establishing proof, determining the amount of compensation that is deserved, and pursuing justice.