Health Care Facilities Have a Unique Opportunoty with Shortage

Health care has been experiencing a shortage of qualified professionals and administrators for the past few years. It is caused by a combination of low numbers of graduating nurses and rising needs of an aging population. Many hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities, as well as home health care agencies, have had to utilize temporary professionals to fill essential positions.

Health care recruiting agencies are s rambling to present ideal candidates for vacant positions, but can sometimes only provide interim professionals. While that means higher operating costs for facilities, it also presents a unique opportunity. Interim professionals are needed to keep facilities in compliance with licensing regulations, and ensure a proper standard of care. Having different people in key positions every six to twelve months can actually improve operations.

How is Inconsistency an Opportunity?

Yes, a permanent solution to vacancies is preferable for consistency. Experienced professionals are also desired over minimally qualified ones. So how can a parade of professionals be an opportunity? It is an opportunity to discover different ways of doing things and maybe make improvements to efficiency, budgets, and positive health benefits.

Everyone has their own way of conducting procedures, managing and supervising other professionals, and being creative. The facility can use the wide range of experiences, innovative ideas, and approaches that each new professional brings to the position. Some ideas may not suit administrators or patients, but many will offer a new perspective on situations.

Reviewing Input and Measuring Outcomes

Most interim positions last for six months, with an option to renew the placement. Within that time period reports will have to be written, problems will have to be solved, and budget input will be required. The facility can measure satisfaction ratings, determine if discipline issues declined or increased, and compare accident and incident reports from each placement. Administrators can go back through previous records to find out more regarding any improvements in outcomes.

Inspections from oversight and accreditation agencies will also continue on as always. Review results of those as well to see if there are any changes. If one or two professionals do an exceptional job while working at the facility, it may be possible to approach the placement agency about making an offer of permanent employment.