Key Benefits of Pond Aeration

Whether a tiny koi pond or a borderline lake, a water features can add considerable monetary and personal value to any property. Though ponds offer a self-maintaining quality by nature, they do need a certain degree of human intervention. Aerators help keep ponds healthy and beautiful by oxygenating the water within, a benefit that’s noticeable from a number of angles.

Fishy Fitness

Fish may need water to survive, but their gills must take in oxygen to foster life. Stagnant water lacks this valuable gas, and in some cases, fish and foliage are forced to fight for a healthy balance.

During those colder months when water freezes over and harmful gases from decomposing material are trapped underneath a layer of ice, the situation tends to become even more dire. Aerators return much-needed oxygen to the water in either scenario, giving those gills more air to take in.

No Green around the Gills

Over time, organic matter sinks to the bottom of ponds and decomposes, causing a couple negative reactions. For one, naturally occurring bacteria feed on decomposing material. During the digestive processes to follow, they produce hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide; as a result, pond water takes on a terrible odor that can be smelled for miles on a particularly hot day.

Secondly, material not removed by bacteria sinks to the bottom of the pond and continues to decay. This comes together to form a slimy, smelly layer of muck and invites in unhealthy bacteria.

Algae also have a way of taking over ponds lacking aeration, reducing oxygen level even further and choking out aquatic life. In short, it’s just not a healthy situation all around. Oxygenated water looks and smells better and gives fish, plants and beneficial bacteria a chance to thrive.

Bottom Line

When oxygen is plentiful, ponds remain safe for people and pets as well as the aquatic life placed within for all to enjoy. Lack of aeration has the opposite effect, hampering beneficial growth and repelling onlookers.

When it comes to choosing the right aerator for a specific pond, depth, size, available power source or lack of such and a range of other factors come into play. With an array of different pond aerators for sale, finding a fitting solution shouldn’t be difficult.