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Understanding the Military Spouse Training Program

The training program for the military spouses is aimed at ensuring that the spouses are qualified for portable careers that are intended to benefit the community. Notwithstanding the careers the spouses are interested in, the program is designed to sponsor the spouses to the level of having them fully certified by the colleges they choose to enroll in for these courses. The program funds the spouses for their education in accredited colleges across the USA. There are a number of processes that need to be followed for one to qualify for this program.

To start with, one is required to open an online account for the program in the designated web portal for the program. After the profile is created, one can go ahead and supply the required information regarding their spouses. During this step, it is always required that due diligence is exercised to ensure that all the information supplied in true since any misrepresentations can lead to a candidate being disqualified during the verification process. The verification of the supplied information leads one to be granted a chance to open yet another account on the web portal which now serves as the program’s account.

The other important thing that you need to know when applying for this program is that you need to have your education plan. The education plan is crucial since it outlines key things such as your career goals, the college you wish to take your course from among many other details. The plan you submit then goes through a process of approval before you are allowed to continue with the next step of applications. Normally, the training plan submitted may take ten days or less to be approved.

The next process that follows the above processes is the application for the funding of your chosen courses. The funding comes in the form of financial assistance (FA) and users can get more information about the process of applying for this funding from the portal. Normally, the funding is no more than $4000 and can be used for up to three years or until it is depleted. It is also worth noting that the tuition fees are remitted directly to the training institution.

When a military spouse is not successful in their application for the military training program, they are encouraged to apply for the counselling program for the spouses. The main aim of this program is to prepare the military spouses for counseling the community in an effort to impact the society positively.

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